Kenya: Restructuring Sagana Dispensary

The Sagana Parish Dispensary, in Kenya, was started in 1969 by Consolata Missionaries. It has provided many of the citizens of Sagana Parish with basic health care needs ever since.

Over the years, this health facility has expanded, providing an eye clinic, a dental clinic as well as follow up services for leprosy victims. Today the dispensary also provides treatment cases of hypertension, diabetes, ulcers and joint pain, a disease that afflicts mostly the elderly. There are 360 patients per month that are served by this dispensary.

Since the Sagana Parish Dispensary has existed for over 47 years and the demand for services is very high, there is an urgent need to renovate the building, including interior tiling, and exterior and interior painting.

Fr. Mark Gitonga Wanjuku, IMC, a Sagana Catholic Church Parish priest, is responsible for this project and hopes to have it underway soon. The amount he has requested for the full renovation of the building is $6,000. As a result of the completion of this project, many more people will be able to use this facility, especially those suffering from malaria and typhoid disease, which in Kenya are quick killer diseases. Many pregnant women too will benefit from the renovated building, since proper maternity care is lacking within the area.

Any help will bring hope and God’s love to the many people living not only in this Parish but in the surrounding area as well.

We are most grateful for your kindness.

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