Tanzania: A new church for Kihodombi

Kihodombi is an outstation of a Consolata Mission in Tanzania. The Christian community there has grown since the central mission station first started in 1953.

In the beginning, a few Christians would gather under a tree; where catechism and school classes were given. Afterwards, an elementary school and a dispensary made of mud, with a thatched roof, were built. Beside these structures, the first little church sprouted, with logs for pews and a dirt floor.

170221 Tanzania Campaign 2017

As years went by, the children who learned their prayers and catechism were married and had families of their own. Meanwhile a new school made of concrete has been provided for their offspring, but they still attend Mass in the old chapel in mud. When it rains, it is miserable! Mud sticks to their shoes – or to the children shoeless feet! – opening the way for the cold to set in and for the feeblest to catch pneumonia.

It becomes more and more evident that a new chapel is needed. Recently, therefore, the local Church committee decided to build a structure of concrete, relying for finances on the local meager resources – in Kihodombi most people are peasants – and on any help that would come from outside. But once the roof was finished, work stalled: the community moneybox had run empty!

Fr. Honoré, the Mission Pastor, wrote to us just before Christmas 2016. He asked if we could help the Kihodombi outstation to finish their church by sponsoring most of the cement and the aggregate material necessary to do the floor and to plaster the walls (outside and inside). The local community, he says, has committed itself to provide the labor and to raise the money necessary to buy 90 bags of cement and to cover the cost of transporting the material. He set our contribution at $8,500.

Please help him with a gift of $25, $50, $100 or whatever amount you feel comfortable. How beautiful it would be if with the money we give we would assist our brothers and sisters in Kihodombi to finish their church, have a better place to pray and experience the Christian charity from far distant friends!

We are most grateful for your kindness.

Please consider donating.